Tawakul is an online fundraising platform that integrates crowdfunding with basic donor relations and messaging features. It is a feature-rich self-hosted interface that sits alongside an NGO's existing website but with all the features and functionalities you expect from a crowdfunding platform.
Tawakul is the initiative of Mohomed Hoosen Essof who, having worked for various Muslim NGOs’ for over 24 years, recognised the benefits of a donations-based platform as a mechanism through which Muslim social sector entities can raise funds for their causes.
Tawakul is based on an intuitive and user-friendly template, both the frontend interface (what donors see) as well as the backend administration functions (what organisations see) will make the experience of giving seamless and managing the platform effortless.
Tawakul is different to most other crowdfunding platforms in that, not only does it allow you to display the high-level information of your campaigns, but it also allows you to display very specific details of the end-beneficiary where such is available. The difference, with the former (ESSENTIAL PROFILER) you promote a cause needing support, while with the latter (ADVANCED PROFILER) you promote an individual in need to support, ultimately giving the donor a choice in selecting the end-beneficiary. (See Features page for details).
Currently Tawakul offers two ADVANCED PROFILER type modules, namely a Tertiary and a Masjid modules, each listing multiple end-beneficiaries (of student and Masjids respectively). Other modules can be developed to the organisations specification and needs.
The ESSENTIAL PROFILER module allows you to display as many campaigns as you want, with sufficient details to allow a donor to decide if the cause is beneficial..
COMING SOON: Organisations using the ADVANCED PROFILER module will be able to detect duplication in listing between diferent usres of the same module. WIth The Detect Duplication module (sold separately) will alert you when an applicant is already hosted on another Tawakul powered site. This, must have feature, has the potential of minimizing duplication of services across organisations and will help save time and resources.
NOTE: In-spite of the Detect Duplicate feature, every site using a Tawakul platform is independent and no other information is shared between them.