Dear Photographers

AsSalaamu Alaikum

Tawakul, South Africa’s first Muslim crowdfunding site, invites all SA Muslim women artists to join our FACES OF POVERTY PHOTOGRAPHY initiative. Use your talents to help us raise funds for Covid-19 relief.

Donate a photograph to Tawakul and we will feature it on the site (click here to see sample). 

We will be running a campaign, via our social-media platforms, encouraging potential donors to visit the Tawakul site and to "vote" for their favourite photograph through donations. All proceeds raised on the site will inturn be forwarded to an NGO(s) doing Covid-19 relief work.

The actual photographs maybe published in some form after the month and the proceeds from the sale of such publication will also be donated to the NGO(s). 

Your photograph, donated with the intention of Sadaqah Jaariyah, will be a source of multiple reward and benefit to you, as well as others inshaAllah. 

To participate in this unique and exciting initiatve, please read the T&C and fill in the form below. 

Hoping to have you join this worthy initiative. 

Shukran WasSalaam

M Hoosen Essof


Terms and Conditions


By submitting the form:

1. You acknowledge and confirm that you are participating in this initiative voluntarily and that there is no expectation of financial reward or payment for the photograph, for the time and effort spent in creating it, for the creation of any intellectual property and resources spent on creating it.

2. You agree to render the final photograph in a physical as well as digital form so that it can be framed/mounted. You do not need to frame it!

3. You agree to donate the photograph with its intellectual property for purposes of helping Tawakul raise funds for an NGO undertaking Covid-19 related activities.

4. You agree to waive any rights of ownership or intellectual property over the final artwork once donated for the cause.

5. You agree that the final photograph will be as per the picture that you will submit to Tawakul by the 25th of October 2020. This picture will be used on the Tawakul site and circulated via our social-media platforms. You will not in any way alter the photograph after submitting the picture thereof.

6. You agree that the photograph is your original creation/handiwork (or a collaboration) and not a copy of any existing photograph. By submitting the photograph, you indemnify Tawakul and the recipient NGO's of any dispute that may arise as a result of any claim of copyright infringement.

7. You consent to Tawakul circulating the photograph through our social-media platforms and to use the photograph to solicit donations for the NGO(s) undertaking Covid-19 relief.

8. You will submit a photograph by latest 25 October 2020 so that we can launch the campaign on 1 November 2020.

9. You will do your utmost to send a good quality, high resolution image so that we can use it in our social-media promotions and on the Tawakul site.

10. You will send a brief interpretation and/or explanation of the photograph.

11. You may sign-off the photograph and use it and your participating in the FACES OF POVERTY PHOTOGRAPHY INITIATIVE to promote yourself should you wish.

12. You may submit a profile of your company/yourself if you wish and we will upload same onto the "Read More" page linked to your artwork



The objectives of this initiative are several.

1. To help raise funds for Covid-19 work undertaken by NGO's

2. To popularise photography as a career path or hobby

3. MONST IMPORTANTLY! To use your talents to demonstrate that a picture capturing poverty, the poor and vulnerable and those in need, can be done without robbing them of their dignity. Specifically how to take a picture without showing faces. NGO's in particular need to be shown and taught not to take pictures (of faces) of their vulnerable recipients and beneficiaries as a means of raising funds. That they can take pictures of those they help in a more dignified manner. The term "poverty porn" has been used to describe inappropriate pictures of "grateful" or desperate beneficiaries. This must change.