Dear POET and potental contributor

AsSalaamu Alaikum

Tawakul, South Africa’s first Muslim crowdfunding site, invites all SA Muslim poets to join our I ❤️ MUHAMMAD ﷺ poetry initiative. Use your talents to help us raise funds for the Imam Development Programme* (IDP).

Donate a poem on the theme I ❤️ MUHAMMAD ﷺ to Tawakul and we will feature it on the site (click here to see sample). 

We will be running a campaign during Rabi ul Awal (October & November 2020), via our social-media platforms, encouraging potential donors to visit the Tawakul site and to "vote" for their favourite poems through donations. All proceeds raised on the site will inturn be forwarded to the Imam Development Programme* (IDP) whose ultimate mission is to spread the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ.

The actual poems may also be published into a booklet and if we are able to raise funds through the sale of such a booklet then these funds will also be donated to the IDP*.

Your poem, donated with the intention of Sadaqah Jaariyah, will be a source of multiple reward and benefit to you, as well as others inshaAllah. 

To participate in this unique and exciting initiatve, please read the T&C and fill in the form below. 

Hoping to have you join this worthy initiative. 

Shukran WasSalaam

M Hoosen Essof


Terms and Conditions


By submitting the form:
1. You acknowledge and confirm that you are participating in this initiative voluntarily and that there is no expectation of financial reward or payment for the poem, for the time and effort spent in creating it, for the creation of any intellectual property and resources spent on creating it.

2. You agree to render the final poem in both written as well as video format (YouTube 4 minutes max)

3. You agree to donate the poem with its intellectual property for purposes of helping Tawakul raise funds for the Imam Development Programme.

4. You agree to waive any rights of ownership or intellectual property over the poem once donated for the cause. However you will be fully credited.

5. You agree that the poem is your original creation/handiwork (or a collaboration) and not a copy of any existing poem. By submitting the poem, you indemnify Tawakul and any of the recipient NGO's and fellow particpants of any dispute that may arise as a result of any claim of copyright infringement.

6. You consent to Tawakul circulating the poem through our social-media platforms and to use the poem to solicit donations for the Imam Development Programme. Tawakul confirms that none of the funds raised dirctly from the viewing of your poem will be used by Tawakul. This excludes platform Admin Fees and advertising. 

7. You will submit the poem in MSWord and send a link to the YouTube rendering (max 4 minutes) by latest 25 September 2020.

8. You will NOT publish or broadcast the poem (written and/or audio/video) before it is live on the the Tawakul site.

9. You will do your utmost to send a good quality video (YouTube) of rendering of the poem so that we can use it in our social-media promotions and on the Tawakul site.

10. You may submit the poem in any language but if other then English you will provide an English transalation as well.

11. You may sign-off the poem and use it and your participating in the I ❤️ MUHAMMAD ﷺ initiative to promote yourself should you wish.

12. You may submit a profile of yourself, including Insta, FB, TikTok tags etc. if you wish and we will upload same onto the "Read More" page linked to your artwork



1. Poetic and creative licence aside, you should be cognisant of the fact that art and the creatives has the potential to unite as well as divide. In this particular case we seek to raise funds for a very serious health crises and we do not wish to be embroiled in controversy that will result in the overrall objective of this initiative being diminished.

2. It is not our intention, nor do we have the resorces to read and edit the poems when they are submitted, we do not want to censure your work and as such we trust that you will execute the task sincerely and in love for the PROPHET MUHAMMAD ﷺ. However, should we find an issue with the poem before or after it goes live we will remove it from our site.

3. We kindly ask that you be mindlful that words have meanings different to what you may intend, and in this specific case, some words, descriptions or phrases maybe construed to mean other then what was intende. For exmple, you do not want to elevate stature of the PROPHET MUHAMMAD ﷺ to that of "god" by asserting that he is omnipotent or omniprescent. Please guard against creating fitnah and dividing the Ummah!

4. You may cover any aspect of the Prophet's life.

5. Max lenght of rendering/recitation on YouTube (max 4 minutes)

Feel free to call me (Hoosen Essof) on 0833136208 if you need clarity



Besides the poem by Don Mattera, all other funds will be donated to the Imam Development Programme. As for Don Mattera's poem, proceeds will be donated to the Don Mattera School in Eldoradopark.